About Us

Meet our construction technicians and civil engineers.

Our base

GERUSTBAU JU-SM is a company offering different services in the field of scaffolding installation. The general knowledge of our team and the experience gained during the construction of various types of buildings influenced to create the career we have today. The company “JU-SM” LLC offers cost-effective and efficient realization of services, i.e., completed services in Macedonia and surrounding countries. Public, infrastructural, commercial, industrial and residential buildings are the main focus of our company. Our company is focused on efficient performance and high quality services, namely, installation, dismantling, transportation and rental of high quality modular scaffolding and their quick installation. We offer you fixed and mobile work platforms, in accordance with the requirements of most modern standards of work, legal requirements and regulations for safety and health at work, good engineering practice and different aspects of environmental protection. A permanent priority of our company is the delivery of high quality services through the application of modern technical and technological elements, materials and components.

Our Priority

“JU-SM” LLC is the first company for scaffolding installation in the Republic of Macedonia, certified by the International ISO Standard 9001:2008 by the well-known German organization TUV REINLAND GROUP, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious bodies for monitoring and authorization worldwide. With effective implementation of the system of quality management, and in accordance to the International ISO Standard 9001:2008, our company increasingly sets its priorities and benefits through increased accountability and effective and efficient management, as well as overall strengthening of the performance of the company. We always contribute to a higher level of trust that you have in us. Mass market expansion and competitive advantages, and at the same time increased benefits of customers using high quality service, reliability and compliance with specific requirements and mandatory legal and regulatory requirements, make us work continuously. The success of “JU-SM” LLC is an integral part of our vision for this company to be the main, responsible and respected company in the country and the region, to be known as the leader in strict adherence to standards of the best engineering practice and a company that aims growth by providing high quality and safety by always using the latest technology.

Our qualities

We are known for the German quality we offer in our country. As a serious company, GERUSTBAU “JU-SM” imports all elements of the scaffolding system from Germany, and we make sure that they meet all quality requirements in accordance with the DIN standards. This type of construction system is focused on construction. Scaffoldings are mounted simply, easily and quickly. We offer materials produced by major manufacturers in the world, such as LAYHER, ALTRAD, BAUMANN, RX, etc. While always trying to comply with the requirements of the European market and to be up to date, we have adopted the fastest way of scaffolding installation of the following types: EN 10219-1/2; EN 12810; EN 12811; EN 12811; EN 12812; TG20:08; Z-8.1-844. The factors that position our company as a leading supplier are international codes to prevent risks to health and safety during installation of scaffolding, the quality and the warranty. The installation of scaffolding is always done in controlled and safe conditions.

Our task

We are ready and at your service with our professional team and technological equipment with which we have completed all projects and have successfully completed each service so far. Experience helped us create mutual confidence in the work with our clients.



Independent privately owned company delivering high standard consulting services in the construction industry.



Pre-construction, surveyors, designers, builders, project managers we build construction teams that have all the skill sets.



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